Dimension raises funding to build a developer integration platform

Building towards a more integrated software development experience.

Profile PcitureTejas Ravishankar16th January 2023
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Developer time is expensive. We spend hours every day switching between tools - resulting in a fragmented developer experience and lost productivity. Dimension is here to change that.
Changing the way developers build software
Dimension is improving developer productivity and experience by integrating the world's best developer tools together.

Dimension is an operating system for dev teams, unifying an industry with so many tools into one place. We're excited for many projects, including Hop, to call Dimension their home. - Phineas Walton, CEO & Co-Founder at Hop

Dimension handles everything from communication to deployment - all in one place. Its fast and delightful interface enables developers to leverage the power of tools like GitHub, Vercel, Linear and Cloudflare from one platform.

Dimension is a developer-first product - which means keyboard shortcuts, 100ms interactions, real-time collaboration and extensibility are at the core of our platform. We scrutinize every pixel we paint to ensure that we're building the best possible product for developers. Together, we're bringing back the joy of building software through magical experiences and delightful interactions that make you go "wow".

But we can't do it alone. If you find yourself nodding along to the problems we're solving, join our team.
Our first believers
We're excited to announce that we've raised a pre-seed round led by Antler with participation from Tom Preston-Werner (Co-Founder of GitHub) and other notable angels.

With today's proliferation of developer tools, project management apps, issue trackers, collaboration platforms, deployment providers, etc, developer experience has fragmented, and we all suffer. Dimension aims to integrate your favorite fragments back into a streamlined workflow that brings the happiness back to building software, and Tejas and team have what it takes to make it happen. - Tom Preston-Werner, Co-Founder of GitHub

We're grateful for the support of our incredible investors and can't wait to onboard the incredible developers waitlisted for our private beta - including the maintainer and contributors to Astro, Tabler, Solid.js, Starship, Million.js, and more.